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Brand Overview for Fox Group

We’re a family of innovative, quality brands with high expectations and standards to deliver the best performance possible to our customers. Priding ourselves on personal customer contact, happiness, quality and affordability, it’s no surprise to see we have a host of amazing brands within Fox Group. Let us introduce you to them…


By holding the exclusive UK rights for South Korea’s No. 1 Dermal Filler, Fox Group proudly sell REVOLAX to qualified industry professionals. REVOLAX is a non-animal crosslinked HA soft tissue filler that works by adding volume to improve wrinkles, folds and restores a smooth appearance to the face with the highest purity of Hyaluronic Acid. REVOLAX can be purchased in three different levels of viscosity for optimal results with differing treatments. For more information on the Nation’s favourite dermal filler, visit the website here.


Fox Clinic Wholesale offer the highest quality and market leading products at the most competitive prices possible. Offering only carefully selected products, Fox Clinic Wholesale showcase a range of products that are available to buy to provide your customers with the highest level of satisfaction.


Fox Pharma specialises in providing customers with dermal fillers on prescription. With a range of products including dermal fillers, eye drops and Fox CBD Oil, Fox Pharma is a registered pharmacy for medical practitioners to order from.


The MILUX LED Face Mask has been scientifically proven to rejuvenate the skin by achieving specific wavelengths of LED light exposure. With state of the art technology, the MILUX Mask works at cellular level for immediate and long lasting results, making it a product tried and tested by celebrities such as Jessica Alba and celebrity dermatologist, Shani Darden. When will you try the ultimate luxury facial?


Organically grown and vegan certified, Fox Group supply the finest CBD Oil that reap a host of health and wellbeing benefits. CBD Oil has been found to improve health, energy levels, sleep quality and reduce stress along with many other factors. FOX CBD corrects the endocannabinoid system by mediating the body’s reaction to keep it level therefore, increasing feelings of relaxation. Find out more about how Fox CBD Oil can benefit you here.

With a whole host of new products and exciting ventures on the way, we’re looking forward to sharing Fox Group with you.