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Introducing Fox Clinic Wholesale

As an online wholesaler, Fox Clinic Wholesale is a market share leader in the cosmetic and aesthetics industry due to its high-quality products at low prices. With offices in the UK and Germany, Fox Clinic Wholesale has a worldwide reach in the aesthetic industry and delivers its products globally.

At Fox Clinic Wholesale, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Highly praised and professional customer service agents are available to answer all questions or help with any queries.  We’re constantly working to achieve our three core values of happiness, quality and affordability.

With market leading products and competitive prices, Fox Clinic Wholesale ensure that prices are never inflated but instead, savings are passed on to customers to help businesses grow and flourish. By ensuring our customers are at their happiest when interacting with Fox Clinic Wholesale, we believe they are more likely to return and become a part of the Fox Clinic Wholesale family.

Additionally, Fox Clinic Wholesale is the exclusive distributor of the Nation’s favourite dermal filler, REVOLAX and the MILUX Led Face Mask. All products endure rigorous testing procedures to ensure they are of the highest standard.

When will you place your order with Fox Clinic Wholesale? We’d love to help you!