Fox Group Launches Groundbreaking New Pharmacy System

Fox Group’s own pharmacy, Fox Pharma has launched a new system, FRx+ to improve convenience, availability and accessibility for customers.

As the market leader in the aesthetic and cosmetic industry, Fox Group are aware how important it is to stay innovative and keep evolving systems to make ordering even easier for customers.

Fox Pharma’s ordering process and prescription service has been relaunched under the name, ‘FRx+’ to make ordering quicker, more efficient and easier to track.

Fox Group are proud to announce that FRx+ is paperless and complements the sustainable values of Fox Group. As a fully integrated digital system there is no posting of original prescriptions as the electronic Rs uses AES which complies with regulations.

Through a unique ID, the FRx+ system allows for an easier linking of prescriber to partner to streamline the ordering process for partner prescribing.

FRx+ decreases order delays as the ordering and prescribing process is managed in a one step simplified process.

Karen Haworth-Shaw, Superintendent Pharmacist at Fox Group commented, “We’re extremely excited to share FRx+ with our customers. This system makes ordering even easier for both prescribers and partners of prescribers and aligns with the sustainability ethos of Fox as a whole.”

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