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The Growth of REVOLAX and the Dermal Filler Industry

The number of anti-aging treatments and non-surgical cosmetic treatments performed in the UK is growing rapidly each year. The demand to look younger is one of the biggest driving forces behind the market growth and is continuously increasing the numbers of anti-aging treatments. Another reason is the increasing acceptance of treatments and the growth in male customers for dermal fillers and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, the number of male patients is rising steadily and now comprise, according to our REVOLAX Ambassador Dr Mark Gorman, one out of ten clients. With the expansion of the dermal filler end users, the rise of the industry does not come as a surprise. The global dermal filler market is predicted to grow by 12.6% from 2016 to 2022.

This increase in the market is mirrored in the growth REVOLAX has experienced over the last two years and Fox Group has recorded a steady increase in its REVOLAX sales numbers every month. The average monthly growth recorded from May 2017 to February 2019 is 20.95% and there is no sign of these numbers dropping. To compare the rise of demand, From May 2017 to December 2017, Fox Group has sold 15,430 boxes of REVOLAX. The sales for the same timespan of the following year amount to 128,019 boxes. This is an increase of 729.68% within a year.

Out of all dermal filler treatments, lips enhancements are growing at the fastest rate. As the most popular REVOLAX filler for lip augmentations, the statistics for REVOLAX Deep support the claim of an increase in lip treatments. In February 2019 alone, REVOLAX Deep sold over 16,000 times which is more than twice as much as both other REVOLAX Products combined, which added up to over 7,000 sold boxes.