About Warranty Repairs

For some products sold directly by Fox Group, if they’re covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, you may have the option of having them repaired by our repair service provider who is authorised by manufacturers to repair their products.

If your item is eligible for repair, you’ll be offered this as an option and you’ll be able to send the item directly to our repair service provider.

When our repair service provider receives your item, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. The item will be inspected and the issue will be diagnosed. If the defect is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the item will be repaired free of charge by the repairer and returned to you at no additional cost. Usually repairs take up to 10 business days (including delivery time), but could take slightly longer.

In the event that your item can’t be repaired but is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, we’ll issue a replacement.

If the problem isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, or if the warranty has been voided (for example if the item has been accidentally damaged), you’ll be contacted by our repair service provider with a repair estimate. You can decide whether to ask the repairer to proceed with the repair at an additional cost, or have the item returned to you. Payment for such repairs, including any applicable delivery charges, will have to be made directly to our repair service provider.

Please note that in order to repair your item and return it to you, our repair service provider will need your contact details. Your name, e-mail address and return postal address will be supplied by us to our repair service provider, and we require the repairer to comply with relevant data protection legislation in relation to such information. By submitting your item for repair, you consent to us and the repairer using your contact details in this way only as required in connection with the repair service.